Raising half-Filipino girls (plus I’m blogging once again, for real)

Raising half-Filipino girls (plus I’m blogging once again, for real)

Gladys Starkey

Author, Pesos to Pennies A Filipino immigrant’s memoir

It’s been a time that is long We posted my final blog right here. You can be told by me right at this very moment the way I missed composing. We missed it so incredibly bad. We missed the enjoyment whenever I have my laptop computer I have in my head with me typing every word, every thought. I decided to forego blogging in very early 2018 once I went to graduate college. Between studying, work full-time and attend to your family’s daily requirements, and blogging things got overwhelming, and stressful.

Well, I’m busy raising my better half our daughters and cats, plus working my over 40-hour-job a week. All this right time i must have time and energy to compose or even to blog, I didn’t because “life got into the way.” So there’s that.

Severe talk. Our daughters are getting older, like they’re 9 and 10 now. Our parenting, specially my motherh d is being tested and challenged. Why? Because I told these Filipino-American daughters of ours that you will have only a little “bit-of-this-and-that” regarding our parenting.

“Like what?” our mouthy 9-year-old would ask.

Like learning both American and Filipino tradition is essential. They should learn some Filipino terms. Phones and watching television are ok on a specific routine. We encourage them to play sports at sch l. Play dates and sleepovers are fine. They need to learn to prepare and do chores. It is okay to sound away their opinion or whether they have any such thing to state but in respectful manner, needless to say.

For many of you the final one might sound off but we (especially me) encourage our daughters to sound their opinion out when it’s necessary. We encourage this because according to my very own experience growing up, I was taught that this step was considered being disrespectful. But in the real-world, it is crucial and helpful.

What’s the difference, though?

I joke to my better half our daughters will not be in every relationship until they turn 26.

“G d luck with that,” my husband quipped.

My husband and the girls constantly give me difficulty I was 22 because I got married when. Needless to say, it might be fine with me if our daughters follow my path of getting hitched at that age. I’m sure by then they’re independent and matured sufficient to be with some body while having a family.

For this reason we have been teaching our daughters several things them when they move out that we know will be valuable to.

Well, hello…I’m back!

I had to alter my password it anymore (haha!) after not blogging for over a year because I can’t remember. Nevertheless the news that is g d I’ll real Fitness singles dating site review be active blog posting from now on. I hope We still have some visitors and blog visitors. There were large amount of things t k place in that time. First, I finished graduate sch l and received my MBA in Marketing last month as I wanted! 2nd, I acquired a job that is new September as a Management Trainee at a transport supplier. To tell the truth if I wanted to keep blogging or not with you, I was skeptical. But I believe running a blog is still doable between my brand new (and busy) job and juggling my family. We learned that writing is still one of many hobbies I love, and yes We shall nevertheless keep on running a blog. xoxo

Up-date, update

My dear visitors,

I really hope a number of you are nevertheless here. I recently want you to realize that life is super busy right here but as of right now, it is the start of my tenth week at this term. Things are doing great however in we will have a winter break and expect that I’ll be active in blogging again december. Us is doing g d. The girls love going to college which is a thing that is g d I guess. In general, everything does perfect for us.

I hope you are enjoying this year. I enjoy how the surrounding is changing. Those color that is fall. It won’t take snow that is long comingggg.

I hope you always enjoy each day in so far as I do.

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