Professional Computer Cleaner is just a Registry cleaner that states it could b st the performance of the computer by cleaning the Registry.

Professional Computer Cleaner is just a Registry cleaner that states it could b st the performance of the computer by cleaning the Registry.

What exactly is Pro PC Cleaner?

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To ensure that this program to fix any of actually these detected dilemmas, however, a user must first obtain a permit for this.

The situation with registry cleansers is the fact that there is no indication that truly cleaning the registry has any performance gain. Furthermore, Microsoft themselves have posted an article that indicates that registry cleansers could cause “severe problems” when changing the registry and that Microsoft doesn’t support the use of these types of t ls.

Another concern we have with Pro PC Cleaner is lots of the Registry entries so it detects as issues come in my opinion not really issue for the computer. As an example, into the image it detects legitimate Registry keys for Mozilla Firefox and Emsisoft Anti-Malware that should not be deleted above you can see.

Finally, Pro PC Cleaner will generate a scheduled task that runs at 5 45 PM everyday. This task will issue the alert shown below, which contains details about the last scan. This nag screen is designed to continue steadily to try and offer you the application.

Just How was Pro PC Cleaner installed on my Computer?

It’s important to observe that Pro PC Cleaner is bundled with and set up by free programs that did not adequately disclose that other software would be installed along with it. Therefore, it is necessary which you seriously consider permit agreements and installation screens when anything that is installing of this online. If an installation display gives you Personalized or Advanced installation choices, this is a idea that is g d ch se these because they will typically reveal how many other third party software will also be installed. Additionally, If the license contract or installation displays suggest that they’re going to use a t lbar or other undesirable adware, it is encouraged that you straight away cancel the install rather than utilize the free pc software.

While paying for Pro PC Cleaner may allow it to get rid of the detected registry entries, within my opinion lots of the entries it detects aren’t dilemmas at all. Furthermore, because of my issues that Microsoft will not feel users should utilize these kinds of t ls within the first place, I would suggest that you eliminate this system from your own computer. To remove Pro PC Cleaner at no cost, you should use the removal guide below.

Pro PC Cleaner Removal Alternatives

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Self Help Guide

This guide contains advanced information, but happens to be written in this real means to ensure that anybody can abide by it. Please ensure your information is backed up before proceeding.

If you’re uncomfortable making modifications to your personal computer or following these actions, do not worry hinge app not working! Instead you may get free help that is one-on-one asking into the forums.

To get rid of Pro PC Cleaner, follow these actions

This reduction guide may appear overwhelming due to the number of the steps and programs that are numerous are going to be utilized. It absolutely was just written this real solution to offer clear, step-by-step, and easy to know directions that anyone can used to remove this infection 100% free. Before making use of this guide, we suggest it once and download all necessary t ls to your desktop that you read. This page as you may need to close your browser window or reb t your computer after doing so, please print.

As Pro PC Cleaner sometimes has a usable entry that is uninstall can be used to eliminate the system, we want to try that first. To get this done, go through the Start key and then ch se Control Panel.

Whenever into the Control Panel, double-click on one regarding the options below based on your version of Windows

    For Windows XP double-click in the Add or Remove products symbol.

  • For Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10 double-click regarding the Uninstall Program option.
  • Once the Add or Remove Programs or the Uninstall Program display is exhibited, please scroll through record of programs and double-click on each for the entries listed in bold below to uninstall them.

    Them, please follow the default prompts and allow it to remove all files and all configuration information related to this program when you double-click on the above entries to uninstall. If some of the scheduled programs request you to reb t your pc, do not allow it to reb t until you have uninstalled most of the programs in the above list.

    When you’re done, you’ll shut the control interface displays.

    To terminate any programs which will hinder the treatment procedure we should first download the program that is rkill. Rkill shall search your computer for active malware infections and attempt to terminate them so they wont restrict the treatment procedure. To get this done, please download RKill to your desktop from the link that is following.


    Whenever during the download page, click on the Download Now button labeled iExplore.exe. If you are prompted where you can save it, please save it in your desktop.

    As s n as it is downloaded, double-click in the iExplore.exe Icon in order to attempt to stop automatically any procedures connected with Pro PC Cleaner as well as other malware. Please be patient even though the scheduled system searches for different spyware programs and stops them. When it has completed, the black colored window will automatically shut and a log file will start. Please review the log file then near so that you can continue because of the next thing. You can download the other renamed versions of RKill from the rkill download page if you have problems running RKill. All the files are renamed copies of RKill, which you yourself can decide to try rather. Please be aware that the download page will open in a new browser window or tab.

    Do not reb t your personal computer after operating RKill whilst the spyware programs will begin once more.

    You now should download Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, or MBAM, to scan your personal computer for almost any infections, adware, or programs that are potentially unwanted may be present. Please download Malwarebytes through the following location and save it to your desktop

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